Where is White Bear Haven located?

White Bear Haven is located 32 kms (half hour) North of Barrie, and about 19 kms (15 minutes), South of Midland, Ontario. Specific directions are sent to guests once a reservation has been made.


What are my visiting options?

Personal Retreats:

White Bear Haven is ideal for personal retreats. It is a perfect place to read, write, paint, meditate, walk our barefoot path, or just sit in the middle of a hay field and contemplate if you wish. You can also sit in  the Bear Cave and just “be”. The accommodation choices in the Bear House are varied (please refer to accommodation page).


Group Retreats:

White Bear House is available for small group retreats. For more information email us at: and tell us more about the group and what you are looking for. Our desire is that you find the best venue for your group whether it is White Bear Haven or another venue that we might refer you to.


Silent Retreats:

Guests often inquire about silent retreats, so we welcome those who are seeking such an experience. We have a quiet room available in the lower level.


How many people can you accommodate?

There are a total of 5 bedrooms at the Bear House. There is a small community kitchen and living room. Parking is available. The space is ideal for groups of 10 or less.


Are linen and towels provided? Are there laundry facilities?

Linen and towels are provided for individual guests and groups. Toiletries can also be provided for everyone who does not bring their own. For extended periods (5 days or greater), guests will have access to laundry facilities.


What is the bathroom situation?

There are 3 bathrooms in the Bear House to accommodate 5 bedrooms.


What about food?

Breakfast is provided at no charge, every morning from 7:30am to 10am. It includes coffee, tea, muffins, a variety of breads including gluten free, fruit, butter, cheese, jams, honey. Organic, free range eggs are available upon request. Other meals are not provided; however, all guests have full use of the kitchen in the Bear House for light cooking. There are pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, stove, pantry space and refrigerator.


How about cleaning?

All guests who use shared facilities are responsible for leaving them clean and tidy after use.


Is transportation available?

We are very accessible by car. If you are flying into Toronto International, please contact us in advance and we will gladly help with transportation options.


Is internet available?

We are a technology free environment, so internet is not available. Guests staying at White Bear Haven are looking to unplug and be in an environment disconnected from technology.


What about telephone use?

We are a technology free environment so cell phones are not to be used at White Bear Haven. A land line is provided for all guests to use free of charge. Long distance charges apply to calls outside of North America. Use of cell phones must be made outside of the property.


How about children and pets?

While stepping away from daily responsibilities such as child and pet care is often a vital element of “getting away from it all” we know that sometimes circumstances dictate otherwise. White Bear Haven is neither “child proof” nor “pet proof”, however, we can accommodate both at the Cub House.


What should I bring with me?

  • Clothes appropriate for the weather

  • Shoes appropriate for weather/activity

  • blanket/mat to sit on

  • flashlight and extra batteries

  • insect repellant if needed

  • your special pillow if you feel you require it for sleeping


I would like to learn how to practice Agnihotra. How much does it cost to learn?

Agnihotra is a gift to humanity and as such, you can learn free of charge.


Are there any safety concerns?

White Bear Haven is a very safe place; however, there is a possibility of tripping or falling when walking at night without a flashlight, so please walk with care after dark.

Please do not use open flame candles. All candles should be in a glass container.

We are a farm environment, so keep an eye out for the possibility of stinging nettle bordering the property.  If you are not familiar with it, ask it be pointed out to you.


Alcohol, tobacco, drugs:

Hard liquor and illegal drugs are inconsistent with the frequency here at White Bear Haven and we kindly ask that they not be brought on to the property. Tobacco users can smoke in open areas away from buildings and activity areas. While guests are welcome who have wine and beer with their meals, we ask that there be no drinking out on the grounds, in the rooms, and especially around fire. White Bear Haven is not an appropriate place for recreational or addictive alcohol or drug use.


Is there anything else I should be aware of?

White Bear Haven is a place of quiet retreat. In respect to all guests, we observe quiet time after sundown. Some exceptions are made for activities involving ceremony.

We endeavour to live in harmony with the land and at peace with all creation. Please help us respect the life of the animals, plants and insects.


Living in the community:

If there are other guests here during your brief stay at White Bear Haven, you will be participating in community. While we wish to maintain a certain tone and frequency, we also wish to remain light and free of rules or drama. You can help with this by finding your own state of quiet, and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you.